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Sonny 2 Soundtrack, game release, and more!!

2008-12-13 15:46:35 by DavidOrr

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I last updated! I bring you good news- Sonny 2 is nearing release! With such a close release date, I decided to upload some of the music featured in the game. A few days ago I uploaded "Internal Conflict", and I just uploaded Outnumbered, so give them a listen for a sneak peak of the music!

I've been debating what to lengthen out and what not to lengthen for my new album. I already have Four Brave Champions and Heroic Confrontation lengthened out, but I'm not sure what else to lengthen. So, my question for you is this: What would you like as a full piece?

You can post comments here (I always read each and every one of the), but I'm going to take ratings into even greater consideration. If a particular piece is particularly well received, I'll lengthen it out.There is no limit to what I'm going to do, either; if every piece is a hit, then every piece will be lengthend out and featured on the upcoming album!

More to come- but until then, enjoy the music!

Sonny 2 Soundtrack, game release, and more!!

I've been talking about putting out a new album for well over a year now, but the process has been very slow. Somehow, I always seem to be working on music for a game or animation, and if I'm not doing that, I'm busy with school. Now that summer has started, I've been really pushing towards releasing a new album.

Here's the lowdown on the album. First it will only be available digitally at first. I've been debating this one for a while (see my post "Would you buy my music on iTunes?" for more on that). So, my plan is going to be collect the revenue made from the digital sales, and then invest them back into CD production. I have no idea how many will be produced, but it will largely be based on how many digital sales I've made.

Second, the album will have a mixture of my music. I'll try and divide it based on genre, but expect there to be both orchestral and electronica in the mix. I'm aiming for a half and half approach, so there will be an equal amount of both genres, but ultimately I want this album to represent my best work so far, so if one genre dominates the other, then so be it.

I don't have the full lineup of pieces yet, but here are a few pieces you can expect to see. First off on the electronica side, I've recently completely overhauled My Vision. I remastered it, balanced parts, added parts, removed parts, and done a lot of stuff that I think really brings it to a much better aural experience. You'll also see Extrospection on there (which can be heard on the site mp3 player), the finished version of Meltdown, and a few other new pieces in the mix.

For the orchestral side, my goal is to lengthen out the Sonny music, revise a few of the pieces on the site mp3 player, and throw in some new stuff into the mix. I have A LOT of unused material, I just need to figure out what I want to put in to the album to make it as awesome as possible!

If you have any requests, comments, or suggestions, feel free to throw them by me! I read every single comment posted on the site, even if I don't get a chance to reply. I love hearing from everyone!

Would you buy my music on iTunes?

2008-02-11 15:57:17 by DavidOrr

I've been lengthening a lot of my music (including the stuff from Sonny) with the goal to release it all on CD at some time. I've been thinking, though, that maybe releasing my music on iTunes would be a better idea. Here's why:

* Mastering, Producing, and Distributing a CD requires a huge amount of time, and require a large investment upfront before I started to see any return. I'd have to share a large portion of the revenue with CD distributing companies that I figure I'd have to sell at least 250 CD's before I'd even break even (that's each CD selling for $15 plus s&h)!
* A lot of people have iTunes accounts, and find it much more convienient to buy music off of iTunes rather than buy through an online retailer.
* It's cheaper for you, and I see more of the money. Even If the CD had 12 full length tracks (I'm guessing the number would be closer to 10), you'd end up paying at least $1.75 per track once you factor in shipping, whereas on iTunes you'd likely only pay $0.99.
* You can choose exactly what you want to buy, and not have to pay for anything you don't want to hear!

Ultimately, I think an iTunes album would make far more sense, but what do you think? Would you buy my music on iTunes?

On my website (www.davidorr.net) there's a poll where you can answer the question. I'd love it if you took a second to let me know!

Sonny music; Website mailing list!

2008-01-17 23:57:03 by DavidOrr

For those of you looking for Sonny music, read on! I've decided to start an email newsletter. In the email, I'll keep you updated with a quick summary about what's going on with the site, and what new projects are underway. I will also let you know of any new music on the site. Now here's the real bonus: I'm going to attach music files to the email.

I've always been a bit nervous releasing music on the site freely available for download. It's not that I'm nervous that my music will be stolen, I just don't like the idea that I'm putting restrictions on what I can use the music for by putting it on the site. I seriously limit my options by having little control over where the music is going. So, I've decided to let anyone sign up for the newsletter (free of charge, of course!) and send music through that. This way, I'll have a much better idea who is getting the music and who isn't. I have no problem with sharing the music amongst friends, I just ask that subscribers don't post it on the web for anyone to download, as this defeats the newsletter's purpose.

For those of you looking for Sonny music, I am only going to be releasing it for download via the newsletter (you can subscribe quickly for free at www.DavidOrr.net)! I'll send out the first email sometime soon with one or two of the pieces, and then another newsletter later with all three pieces. To sign up, just enter your email and name into the form on the left, and submit. You'll get a confirmation email, and all you have to do is click the confirmation link in the email and you're good to go!

Hopefully that clears up any questions you may be having. This is just the first of several posts I'll be making, so sit tight, an feel free to sign up for the newsletter!

Sonny RPG Released!

2007-12-29 00:09:30 by DavidOrr

Krin has just released his new RPG entitled Sonny. It's been in production for 2 months now, but it's now complete! I'd strongly urge you to check it out, it's extremely slick and offers hours of great game play. I composed three exclusive battle pieces featured throughout the game.

I'd love to hear your comments, and we'd all appreciate your support!

A breif update and some news

2007-12-16 02:25:02 by DavidOrr

Hey there everyone! If you haven't noticed, I've been submitting a lot less work to Newgrounds lately. No, I am not quitting music, or burning out. If anything, i'm involved in music now than ever before! I have been working on a lot of collaborative game and movie projects over the past few months, but I've decided to post some of the music on my website. The music wont appear on Newground (likely ever) because of copyright issues, but you can find some of the music on my website, www.DavidOrr.net.

I've been working on some of the music for an upcoming role-playing produced by Krin, and a few of the battle tracks can be found on my website. If you're interested in the music I write, I strongly suggest you check it out, and would love to get some feedback!

Keep an eye out for the game, it'll be coming out shortly!

Until next time,

The Old DavidOrr.net brought back (but Diatonic Studios remains)!

2007-08-14 16:58:17 by DavidOrr

First off, first post since the redesign of Newgrounds. I have no idea how many people are actually going to read my blog here, but if you're interested in following me and my work, visit DavidOrr.net for the newest music and news. Also, there are a few pieces on there that Newgrounds has never seen!

Now, without further ado, here is the scoop on the DavidOrr.net website, taken directly from the website.

Yes, Davidorr.net now redirects users to the actual Davidorr.net, and not DiatonicStudios.com. I am still working on the DS project, and hope to get that off the ground. But for now, I've gotten a lot of requests to bring this back, so here it is! You can still get to the Diatonic Studios page by typing in www.diatonicstudios.com into your browser.

If you haven't noticed, this page has gotten seriously spammed (I've got over 11,000 comments "in moderation", and many more actually displayed on the site). To help cut back on spam, I've required all posters to register. It only takes a moment, and I'd love to hear your feedback on the site, my music, and whatever else is on your mind.

I've added a few new pieces to the site mp3 player, and will be adding those same ones to the stand alone player when time permits. Until then, enjoy the music!

Feel free to let me know what you think!