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Great Job!

Hey man,

It's a great feeling to see my music used in such a well-done flash! I'm glad that my music could be used on the title page :).

Keep up the great work!

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Wonderful performance and masterful use of sonata form, Ben! The proportions lend themselves very nicely to repeating the development/recap section. Love the little details like accented 2nd beats at the close of the exposition, as well as slightly varied recapitulation. Textbook example of sontata form and all it can do.

2nd movement sounds very "Tibbetts", with a graceful use of ornamentation and organic modal mixture. Great contrast from the first movement. Only thought here is that the very "classical" dominant V7 chord to cadence into the 3rd movement feels a bit out of place to my ears. Have you considered perhaps using a dominant a 9th or 11th to give a bit more color to the sound? I feel like that might work better contextually. Something to think about, anyway.

3rd movement -- love that modal mixture at the start, fresh harmonic sequences. Very tight, coherent design. Ending felt a bit abrupt; have you thought of adding a bit more time before the last chord? I could hear 2 or 3 beats here; or perhaps a fermata on the rest so the performer can decide.

Again, great music and performance. This is one of the greatest study pieces in sonata form I've come across. Is sheet music available? Would love to use this with my students.

BenTibbetts responds:

Thank you very much, David! I think your suggestions are spot on; I'll make those changes and send you a PDF.

Great work, this is a textbook example of a good demo reel. Keep it up!

DL2Electron responds:

Thanks man. Your demo reels inspired me to make it this way!

Wow, thanks for the cover SJ! I've seen a couple of covers of the track, but this is definitely the most creative.You do a great job taking liberties with the harmonies while keeping the original material intact. I love that cut to piano at 2:10!

Any chance the game is available to play online?

SourJovis responds:

Thank you! I actually preferred to make an original song than do a cover for the game, but the programmer wanted me to do a cover, so I took as many creative liberties as I could, to still make it as much my own thing as possible. I like your original song very much and it was very interesting to work with. I tried to avoid listening to other covers, because I didn’t want to be influenced, but I later looked up the other covers on Newgrounds and found out they were quite good. There’s the the jazz version by Camoshark and the dramatic cinematic version by PeterSatera. They sound quite different than the original, and Camoshark and PeterSatera both put a lot of themselves in it. Still I think nothing beats the original. Good job on that one.

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