Sonny RPG Released!

2007-12-29 00:09:30 by DavidOrr

Krin has just released his new RPG entitled Sonny. It's been in production for 2 months now, but it's now complete! I'd strongly urge you to check it out, it's extremely slick and offers hours of great game play. I composed three exclusive battle pieces featured throughout the game.

I'd love to hear your comments, and we'd all appreciate your support!


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2008-01-01 14:43:47

wow, your music fits very well in every situation, and the one for the non-battle moments has a great feeling. Btw i'm a classical composer, so be proud of what i said to you :P

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks! I didn't compose the non-battle music so I can't take credit for that, but all music in-battle is written by me.

Thanks for dropping by!


2008-01-01 22:32:05

any way we'd be able to download those songs? they are extremely good.

DavidOrr responds:

I think I'll put at least a couple of them on my website for download (they're there to stream already), and then I'll most likely lengthen them out and put on a soundtrack CD along with some other music.


2008-01-02 19:05:06

what are the names of these battlee pieces?

DavidOrr responds:

The first battle piece is entitled "Heroic Confrontation", the second battle piece is titled "Duty Calls" and the boss music is "Final Encounter".


2008-01-03 10:08:54

I just want to ask, can you put your music up for download, the music is very good and I love to listen to them even when I'm not playing Sonny.
Anyway the music in the battles is the best battle music evvah!

DavidOrr responds:

Glad you enjoy the battle music! I'll put up the pieces for download if you promise to vote 5 for the game every day! Just kidding, I'll put them up for download regardless, but we'd love to get as much support as we can get!


2008-01-04 00:37:33

Sonny is a great game, and your battle music really brings the whole think together! I love your work, and really want to get ahold of those tracks from the game soon. See Ya!

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks for dropping by!


2008-01-04 17:20:09

I gotta say man, you have quite the signiture. The music that you compose for these games is very well done, it sorta makes the other half of the game. The battle music was intense, and I was wondering, do you compose all your music just from the keyboard (Im finally getting into piano, ive been wanting to for a while so and got a keyboard this christmas) or do you use other instruments as well?

DavidOrr responds:

I use a keyboard to play in some parts, but I don't use the sounds in the keyboards. I purchase sounds and install them on my computer. That way, I can ensure that every sound that I use is something that I want. I've found that even though many keyboards have some great sounds, they're always lacking in some department. And let's face it- a 40 gb piano sample is going to beat most any piano "waveform" sound.


2008-01-04 21:54:28

"I think I'll put at least a couple of them on my website for download (they're there to stream already), and then I'll most likely lengthen them out and put on a soundtrack CD along with some other music."

well let me know, i'll definitely buy it. i'm still listening to Four Brave Champions.

DavidOrr responds:


I just got some great new sounds, so I'll probably edit the boss music and replace the current drums and guitar with some real high-quality samples!


2008-01-04 22:56:48

I left NG and sometimes come back logged off for playing games... but your music is wonderful! Also, I know you didn't make the non-combat music, but do you know who did?

P.S. I have the game running in a battle to listen to your music for... about 10 minutes now... Not playing the game... Just like it that much XD

(Updated ) DavidOrr responds:

I haven't actually spoken with the composer who wrote the non-combat music, but I'll ask Krin and update this response. Thanks!

EDIT: His name is Martijn Vranken!


2008-01-05 22:30:13

Whats the song in sonny you know the battle music

DavidOrr responds:

There are three battle pieces: Heroic Confrontation (first battle piece), Duty Calls (second piece), and Final Encounter (Boss battle piece). Thanks!


2008-01-06 13:10:51

You are really tallented at what you do. Ever since you won the castle crashers contest i have been paying attention to your work. If i ever need someone to score a game of mine, i know you will be my number 1 choice. Keep up the good work,

DavidOrr responds:

Thank you!


2008-01-07 13:23:50

Great music, though i still cant find a download for the heroic confrontation, duty calls, and 4 brave champions, any news on that?

DavidOrr responds:

Four Brave Champions is on Newgrounds, and every audio file on Newgrounds is downloadable (click the little diskette icon). I'll probably be putting Heroic Confrontation and Duty Calls on the site for download soon, so sit tight!


2008-01-07 16:56:07

The battle music makes the game. They are each very different, and I'm assuming random, but they always seem to fit the fight.


DavidOrr responds:

I'm not sure I'd say the music MAKES the game, but I am a firm believer that music really affects how a game or movie is received by the audience.



2008-01-08 18:05:51

whats the song when your on the boat called its really good

(Updated ) DavidOrr responds:

I'm not sure, but I'll ask Krin and update the response!

EDIT: It was written by Martijn Vranken, but as far as I'm aware it is untitled.


2008-01-11 06:26:58

you should submit the music


2008-01-14 00:19:07

Dude, your music is *ahem* FUCKING EPIC. If you haven't already, you should seriously consider working at a game studio and creating the scores for major games. I tell ya man, you could get some serious money for the stuff you make. It's just so, good. Hollywood good. I'm listening to it right now it's so good. If my friends and I ever make a flash movie, you'll be the first one I contact to score the music. By the way, my friends and I are thinking about making an amateur Western film. Do you compose epic Western music as well?