2009-03-23 19:42:43 by DavidOrr

I just finished scoring the music to a short film Krin has created. For those of you who don't know Krin, he brought you such flash gems as the Sinjid series and Sonny 1 & 2 (the latter two of which I had the privilege of writing the musical score for). We've submitted the film to an independent contest, and would love your support!

The piece is titled "Puzzled". A brief synopsis; An artist is at the park drawing various scenes, but he's interrupted by a stranger looking for help with a crossword puzzle. You can only guess what happens!
As always, I'd love any feedback, especially constructive ideas!

Heres a link: Puzzled


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2009-03-29 03:52:24

Well I liked it

You're music always sounds slightly to professional for that of Newgrounds

good stuff

DavidOrr responds: