Sonny 2 Soundtrack, game release, and more!!

2008-12-13 15:46:35 by DavidOrr

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I last updated! I bring you good news- Sonny 2 is nearing release! With such a close release date, I decided to upload some of the music featured in the game. A few days ago I uploaded "Internal Conflict", and I just uploaded Outnumbered, so give them a listen for a sneak peak of the music!

I've been debating what to lengthen out and what not to lengthen for my new album. I already have Four Brave Champions and Heroic Confrontation lengthened out, but I'm not sure what else to lengthen. So, my question for you is this: What would you like as a full piece?

You can post comments here (I always read each and every one of the), but I'm going to take ratings into even greater consideration. If a particular piece is particularly well received, I'll lengthen it out.There is no limit to what I'm going to do, either; if every piece is a hit, then every piece will be lengthend out and featured on the upcoming album!

More to come- but until then, enjoy the music!

Sonny 2 Soundtrack, game release, and more!!


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2008-12-13 15:48:50

Sonny 2 will be great.

DavidOrr responds:

Sonny 2 is shaping up to be a fantastic game!


2008-12-13 16:11:04


DavidOrr responds:



2008-12-13 23:04:52


DavidOrr responds:

Thanks, I think :)


2008-12-20 04:49:39

sonny 2 will be the best flash game on the net for a long time, and thing i love is the music, its just perfect.
i would love to see the music on here from the part when you fight felicity

DavidOrr responds:

Alright, I will upload that music very soon :)


2008-12-20 16:04:53

Will You upload the Boss music featured in sonny 2 as well?

DavidOrr responds:

Alright, you convinced me :) It should be up within a couple days, don't forget to vote for it if you want to see a full-length version!


2008-12-20 16:11:14

Yay! I'll be able to spend my Winter Break playing something amazing. :)

5 days! Do you know the exact time it will be released? I want to be one of the first play it!...Or does Krin not tell you that type of exact stuff? :P

As for the soundtrack - you already lengthened two of the three of my favorite songs! The only one you haven't yet, and that I'd like you to is Stormy Seas. I know that this song is not a loop and considered "lengthened," but it never seemed to run long enough to completely bring out its full value, and I believe that there should be some way to make it display all of the true emotion behind it.

Hopefully you can take that into consideration! :)

Oh, and do you think you would be willing to sell the scores of the lengthened songs in your new soundtrack? I'd be willing to buy them! ^.^

(Updated ) DavidOrr responds:

I'm not allowed to disclose that kind of information to the public before I get the ok from Krin, but it's already been released on, so go ahead and check it out!

The scores are a definite possibility (especially since I'm going to try and get an orchestra to play at least one of them), but I cannot guarantee anything. A Piano reduction would actually be much more feasible, would that be something you're interested in?


2008-12-20 16:28:29

...Oh wait. Today's the 20th. IT'S ALREADY OUT???

-rushes to play-

DavidOrr responds:

check for the game, that's where it has been initially released!


2008-12-21 15:39:32

Where would I find the lengthened versions of the songs?
They're amazing, and I want to hear the longer versions...


2008-12-21 18:56:50

I just beat Sonny 2! :)

That was fun...But the storyline didn't answer many Hopefully there'll be a Sonny 3 in 2009! :D

As for the score - unfortunately, I don't play piano (I knew I shouldn't have quit...>.<), so only the full orchestra score would really work for me. If you can manage to complete the score for Heroic Confrontation, I'd be honored to have my orchestra play it (and have it recorded, of course!). :)


2008-12-24 10:58:20

I just started Sonny 2, great game. Of course, the soundtrack sounds just as professional as the prequel :)

If you want to lengthen anything, I definetley suggest Meltdown.


2008-12-30 01:50:37

Looks great can't wait! The music was wonderful you've got plenty of talent that's for sure.


2009-01-01 06:40:07

how did you make these music ?


2009-01-07 21:22:53

I'd like to hear from the alternate battle music from Sonny 1 again (not 'heroic confrontation'. The other one)


2009-01-08 10:11:51

I loved the music, and I find the new version of Final Confrontation extremely good.


2009-01-17 20:47:33

Excuse me, but were you the composer for all the music on both games? If so, the reason I asked was because I'm looking for two songs that appeared in Sonny 1.

(Updated ) DavidOrr responds:

Yes I am, what are you looking for?


2009-01-24 16:12:40

I really like your music. You are the best audio artist I have seen on the whole internet so far :)


2009-02-09 22:11:06


As for what song to lengthen, I'm really not sure. Heroic Confrontation would have been enough for me. I'm still trying to get it above a lowly 3.88 score. It deserves so much better. In any case, great work on the previews. They sound epic. Can't wait for the album to come out.

Have a good one, mate.



2009-02-09 22:12:28

Meant to put this in the above.

I know I'm a little late in commenting, blame college for taking all my free time.


2009-02-26 09:36:57

Orr could you please upload the basic themes of sonny 1 and 2 when you enter a zone or when on the world map?I like em a lot! (on sonny 1 it is the one with the classic quitar,i don't know how to describe the one on sonny 2)

ps:I pay a great deal of attention to the music score of each game (as many people do) and yours is truly excellent!It really conveys the feeling of the story and of the action taking place!Keep on creating wonderful music-hope you get an orchestra to play some of the songs!


2009-03-05 16:34:53

I'd love to see Meltdown lengthened. That's one of my favorite songs of yours.


2009-10-26 01:45:53

Which one is the song where you battle Felicity? Sonny 2 is an amazing game, I try to play it as often as I can, my only problem is fighting Baron in the frozen village.