My first album is in production!

2008-06-17 23:09:36 by DavidOrr

I've been talking about putting out a new album for well over a year now, but the process has been very slow. Somehow, I always seem to be working on music for a game or animation, and if I'm not doing that, I'm busy with school. Now that summer has started, I've been really pushing towards releasing a new album.

Here's the lowdown on the album. First it will only be available digitally at first. I've been debating this one for a while (see my post "Would you buy my music on iTunes?" for more on that). So, my plan is going to be collect the revenue made from the digital sales, and then invest them back into CD production. I have no idea how many will be produced, but it will largely be based on how many digital sales I've made.

Second, the album will have a mixture of my music. I'll try and divide it based on genre, but expect there to be both orchestral and electronica in the mix. I'm aiming for a half and half approach, so there will be an equal amount of both genres, but ultimately I want this album to represent my best work so far, so if one genre dominates the other, then so be it.

I don't have the full lineup of pieces yet, but here are a few pieces you can expect to see. First off on the electronica side, I've recently completely overhauled My Vision. I remastered it, balanced parts, added parts, removed parts, and done a lot of stuff that I think really brings it to a much better aural experience. You'll also see Extrospection on there (which can be heard on the site mp3 player), the finished version of Meltdown, and a few other new pieces in the mix.

For the orchestral side, my goal is to lengthen out the Sonny music, revise a few of the pieces on the site mp3 player, and throw in some new stuff into the mix. I have A LOT of unused material, I just need to figure out what I want to put in to the album to make it as awesome as possible!

If you have any requests, comments, or suggestions, feel free to throw them by me! I read every single comment posted on the site, even if I don't get a chance to reply. I love hearing from everyone!


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2008-06-18 17:50:36


DavidOrr responds:

Haha you sound like the cookie monster!


2008-06-20 00:44:22

I'm not exactly the type of person that buys music online but I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you. Your work is excellent, sir, keep it up.

DavidOrr responds:

Thank you!


2008-06-21 18:52:46

I wish you good luck with your first album!

Make sure to let us know when are your CD's released. I'll be the first one to buy it.

DavidOrr responds:

I'll make a big spankin' post on my website, here, and will probably make my own thread in the audio portal about it. I'm pretty sure Tom would mention it in one of the NG updates as well, so you should see one of those!


2008-07-06 09:53:17

Will Dawn of the Sunset be on it?

DavidOrr responds:

Since I wrote that about 3 years ago, I think that doesn't represent my current work very well. Since you can download it right from the Audio Portal for free, it'd be silly for me to put it online for sale!


2008-07-19 22:10:23

GIMMEH. I don't generally buy stuff online (piracy of Fall Out Boy isn't much of an injury for their size), but I'd definitely make the effort for your CD.

DavidOrr responds:



2008-07-20 11:44:05

The songs that I like of yours and I think would be nice for the album are:

1-Heroic Confrontation (you already mentioned this one)
2-Vitality (mmm, love this trance!)
3-Dancing with the Spirits (great song. :D)

Of course, whatever songs you pick and choose to be in your album, I'm sure I'll love them too. If it's out for sale, I'll definitely get them.
Waiting eagerly....

-HFX ^_^<3

DavidOrr responds:

Heroic Confrontation will be on there for sure. I'm not sure about Vitality, since that's already release for full download on Newgrounds. I may redo Dancing with the Spirits since a lot of people seem to like that song, but I'm not certain of that yet.


2008-07-31 23:49:19

I've been going through your tracks and I've liked everything I've heard! Awesome stuff! It's all so different in style, but unique to the genre too!

DavidOrr responds:



2008-08-07 19:34:08

Any way I could get that album through another means? I don't like iTunes and Apple in general. I'd love to get it though.

DavidOrr responds:

I'm going to get the album released first and foremost digitally. That doesn't mean it'll just be on iTunes though- it will be available on Amazon and a bunch of other sites, so if iTunes isn't your cup of tea, there are some other options as well!


2008-08-14 12:20:22

well you deserve making an album because you make real nice music. I hope it ll sell over thousands =)

DavidOrr responds:

you and me both!


2008-08-20 21:25:22

1. noone wants to make it

2. why do we swim?

3. run.


2008-09-03 01:42:18

your music is great! I think I'll look into the album and help support your talents! also congrats on having one of your pieces become the Castle Crashers theme! would that song by any chance be on your album?

DavidOrr responds:

That will be on the album!


2008-09-05 16:02:12

What makes no sense to me is that all of my audio are higher scoring than your newest. It puzzles me.
(Btw, I'm a SNBM co-creator, I heard you agreed to make a theme. That's just epic)


2008-09-08 00:45:21

Will your album include the music scene where Sonny fights bosses? if so please post it as soon as possible.


2008-09-10 22:34:57

Extended tracks from Sonny, you say? I'm liking this very much... any chance of putting Four Brave Champions in as well?

DavidOrr responds:

Four Brave Champions will be on it!


2008-09-15 19:27:20

DUDE I`m so jealous!Good 4 U!


2008-09-27 19:49:01

You're Castle Crashers theme made me want to conquer a third world country. Good job, sir.


2008-10-01 16:35:01

Your music is awesome. Your SNBM Theme is win. I would definately buy music by you, you just became more awesome than mudkip.


2008-10-07 18:57:21

Your Preview Image Shows You Are a MAGIX User nice to meet a fellow user of MAGIX

DavidOrr responds:

I actually don't use Magix. Magix has a really powerful DAW called Sequoia, but I currently use Cubase 4. What preview image are you talking about?


2008-10-30 16:08:05

hey are you putting Four BrAVE cHANPIONS, Thats my fave from u!!!


2008-11-04 10:10:10

Your music composed and remixed is really really good. Absolutely perfectly fitting for RPGs. Could make an entire game of one with just using your music to cover it all the way through. Though as for listening by it self music, Four Brave Champs is the only one I can listen to over and over because of the energy and epicness involved with it. Would love to hear more like that.

Kind regards,


2008-11-19 01:01:18

will defcon orch. version be on it? id love to hear a mastered version of it if possible...other than that i cant wait to see what you have in store for us!

definitely will be looking into buying your cd.

DavidOrr responds:

I hadn't even thought about redoing that- I may see how Paragonx9 feels about that.

I've got over 30 minutes of material right now, a real large variety of stuff, so hopefully everyone will be able to find something they like!