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Ecstasy is a Drug--_-- Ecstasy is a Drug--_--

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Hahaha great job!

I played that whole sonata, so it's awsome to hear somthing like this :).

Great job Z!

PERVOK responds:

Har har, and its not even MIDI!
(Thanks to a brother of mine that can actually read notes...)

Thanks for the review!

_-=[Basking in Dead Light]=-_ _-=[Basking in Dead Light]=-_

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First dl, first review, first 5!

Well done matey!

You're style is so unique, I love it. I can here MaestroSorrow in all your songs.

Too bad you aren't as good as he is.


MaestroSorrow responds:

I'm not as good as myself??!?!!?!1?!shift+1

The paradoxial situation in which I exist now hurts my mind X_x.

many thanks for the review MrMaestro.

+*+*(Heavens Above-DEMO-)*+*+ +*+*(Heavens Above-DEMO-)*+*+

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Wow this sucked.

Just kidding!

I liked the instrument choie a lot, they all worked together very well. It would be nice if you had a better piano sample, but nonetheless it's a lot better than a lot of the sounds on the ap. Great work!


Chronamut responds:

it sure does! Rofl..

and I dont have any better piano samples - if you want to do the piano sample for me - you go right ahead - send it to me and I'll be waiting :P

thanks for the review mr. maestro!


The Final Battle--_-- The Final Battle--_--

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Great, and loops well.

This would sound so good with some fat orchestral samples. Or maybe just bring the overall volume up a bit? It sounds a little soft. But, you still get my 5!

Petwoip - Into the Melody Petwoip - Into the Melody

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm glad I checked out your music, you've got some great stuff going here. I'm going to five all your stuff, you need some more recognization. Keep up the great work, I'll be watching you!

Petwoip responds:

Wow, thank you so much!! I'm really appreciate it! You can check out my new song: "Sandpaper"

Brutal Fuck-Death (Vocals) Brutal Fuck-Death (Vocals)

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The vocals are pretty low- it sounds funny (although I doubt that's what you were intending?). Nice chordal progressions and drum programming (you do use a drum machine, right?).

I know the feeling of recording vocals when other people are in the house. Especially when you're not a singer, it can be a little disconcerting, because you don't want to scream. I wait for everyone to be out of the house, and then I record my stuff where I actually sing.

GoreBastard responds:

Thanks mate! Yeah, I tend to wait till there's nobody in, but most of the time they are.
Yeah, the vocals are meant to be that low, but I'd prefer it if they were even lower! lol! I remember the first time I heared a band sing like this... It was Cannibal Corpse, and at first I thought it was hilarious, but I got used to it and now I love that style of vocals!!!

You should check out, "Chained Up", or "It Grows Inside". They are nice instrumentals. Many thanks for your kick ass reviews mate!

Groove that Chools your Bools Groove that Chools your Bools

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Nice guitar playing!

You're a great guitarrist, I would love to see you playing in person tearing it up.

I gave you a 0 for effort because it probably is really easy for you :).

GoreBastard responds:

hahaha! Thanks alot mate! I've just checked out some of your music too. Nice! Gave a few of em 5's and reviewed em too. Wish I had time to check it all out though!

Thanks again mate.

Gray Matter--_-- Gray Matter--_--

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice work

I got the opportunity to review this song over at I gave it a 5 to try to help your rating on the charts out a bit. I'll just put here what I wrote over there:

I like the fade in at the beginning with the piano melody. I think the quality of the piano is a little tinny, perhaps mellow it out a little. Also, I would personally add a little bit of reverb onto it.

I like the break from the piano at 0:32, you did a good job staying away from making the piano part get repetitious and boring.

1:00- It sounds like you are trying to break away from the piano rhythm and put in a new melody- but it's not quite new enough for my ear. I think you set yourself up for a nice motif when you move to Bb. Having just a simple melody running in between the constant piano rhytmic motion would work well.

I enjoyed all of the sound effects you throw in through out the piece- it gives it a unique feel.

It ends a little too soon in my opinion. You give yourself some grea material, and it could be developed a lot more. Good work all in all though!

Paradise on E ZENON REMIX Paradise on E ZENON REMIX

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Zenon WOW!

Dude, I'm speechless. This shows off your skills in so many ways- it's awsome. You did a great job with it. I think my only complaint is the tempo changes. It's one of those ideas where you think it will sound awsome at the drawing board, but it doesn't quite work, it interupts the whole flow of the song.

But damn man, Paradise on E is a tough song to remix and to match it in musical quality is hard, but I think you've done it. You have my 5, and if I could give you more, I would.

PERVOK responds:

Thank you!
I did this all by ear, since i actually didn't get permission from b0unc3 that i could do it until I had already figured out the melody ;)

Once again, thanks!
(and the tempo changes were supposed to add a little bit o' drama :P )

techno guitar riff techno guitar riff

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Nice playing!

Way too short and such, but this is just a riff, so no biggie.

Your guitar playing is quite good, I never really realized that. Audacity is a pretty nice program for the price. I got such a good deal on it, I only paid 80 bucks plus like 5 bucks shipping- it was a steal!


Thanks for your vote, OMGitsMrMaestro! You voted 5 for techno guitar riff, keeping its score at 5.00.

Hmm, don't ge tthat too often. Wonder how long it will last before zero voters come?

mhb responds:

thank you very much for the 5! i agree that audacity is pretty nice for the price. the fact that it can utilize vst's is great. someday soon i'll finish the song that this riff goes with. hopefully it turns out ok.