PAX East

2015-03-09 16:30:36 by DavidOrr

Just got back from my trip to PAX this year. This is (embarrassingly) my first time to PAX. After 10 years of involvement on Newgrounds and in the industry, I don't know why I hadn't gone sooner. Better late than never! Some highlights: 

- The sheer number of passionate, talented game devs, at all level of the industry: Ranging from ultra-indie (1 man wonders), to giant developers (Blizzard, Valve), there was great representation across the board. Everyone was friendly, approachable, and really great ot talk to.

- USB Demo Reels: To my composer friends, this is a really awesome way to make an impression. Instead of business cards, hand out low-capacity flash drives (1 gb) branded with your logo. Include a bunch of your music, and an easy-access demo reel. Every single developer I handed one of these to was impressed. One even said "Woah, you're just giving me a flash drive?". Shop around online, but you can routinely get them for 7 bucks (or less) each. A small price for a lasting impression.  

- Friends at Newgrounds and The Behemoth: One would think I'd have a face-to-face with the folks I owe a large part of my career to sooner. It was great finally meeting Tom and Stamper -- two awesome guys truly dedicated to their community and fans. @BenjaminTibbetts snapped a picture of us.

Here's to next the next post -- and the next year at PAX!1371695_142593296953_FulpStamperOrr.png


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"Woah, you're just giving me a flash drive?"

Haha. That's a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing it.
One day I'll see myself at one of these conventions and it will be a dream come true. One day :')

Great write-up!

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it! Give me a heads up if you're ever at one of the PAX's or GDC's and we might be able to meet and have a chat :)