2013 Demo Reel!

2013-08-24 22:05:31 by DavidOrr

Hello all! I've just uploaded my 2013 Demo reel to the Audio Portal for (hopefully) your listening enjoyment. Fans of the zombie-filled Sonny series have a special treat waiting for them at 0:57 (bonus points if you know the name of the piece!)


2013 has been an extremely busy year for me, between graduate studies, teaching, and game composition. I've built a lot of great relationships with developers, both new and old, and I'm really excited for what's to come later in the year. The indie dev scene has really blossomed the past couple of years with the advent of mobile gaming (I'm looking at you, iOS), social networking, and kickstarter, and it's enabled some pretty fantastic games to come to market. As I slowly expand my reach outside of the indie scene to more bigger developers, I always find myself itching to go back to the indie devs. The attitude, passion, and honesty amongst the community shines brightly through an industry that is becoming increasingly corporate. Here's to you, Newgrounds!

Also, here's the demo on YouTube. If you like the music, Subscribe, comment, like, share, retweet, poke, lightly fondle, etc.


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2013-08-25 01:04:20

Fantastic demo reel, man. Always going to be a fan

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks man, nice to hear from you! Hope we get a chance to work together again someday.


2013-08-26 16:49:25

Nice to know things are working well for you !
That's why i have been supporting you since i joined Newgrounds :p

(Updated ) DavidOrr responds:

Thanks man :) I've been very fortunate so far in my career, building relationships with a lot of budding developers. I have Newgrounds to thank in lage part -- the supportive community was extremely encouraging, plus the exposure from Castle Crashers got me some "street cred" (I still mention that credit when I'm pitching work to prospective clients). Long live Newgrounds!


2013-08-26 19:20:07

Heh, i wish i was that lucky, especially with Castle Crashers - two of my pieces weren't included in the game because they lacked one fucking vote-, here's hoping my turn will come soon :p


2014-08-24 23:11:22

Hey David!I like your work so much!Like sinjid's Rymora Village and Gemcraft's Chapter Two.But it's so sad that I didn't hear any chinese style music in your work.As you know China has a long history of making music.they use music instrument like Erhu Zither and Flute.Though you are adimitted as a orchestra music maker.But I think it would be better if you can add some traditional chinese music elements in your work with krin or someone else.
Here is one of chinese traditional music. Enjoy!
h t t p :// www. newgrounds. com/ audio/ listen/ 585848