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2012-02-09 12:51:40 by DavidOrr

Recently, I've been reflecting on my past involvement in the Newgrounds community. It's been years since I was an active participant in the forums, but I have fond memories of checking the forums while in school (through a proxy, of course), reviewing audio tracks, helping out a new BBSer, and watching people get banned by the mods. I'm going to make a conscious effort to revive my presence on Newgrounds and bring even more audio for flash artists to use!

In other, less sentimental news, I've completely overhauled my website. Instead of giving you a huge wall of text about it, here are the new features, in SparkNotes form:

= Static homepage
= Restructured "music services" page
= Client Log-in pages
= New Portfolio and Resume
= Cleaner, fully functional blog

I spent several weeks building this site and populating the content, but it was absolutely worth it - anything I can do to make your experience on my website easier and more enjoyable is worth doing!

Sooo... go check it out :)


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2012-02-09 14:11:25

Hope to see you around, bud :)

DavidOrr responds:

And you as well -- I really appreciated your review of of my piece for Flight, "Soaring with the Stars". It was one of those rare, yet awesome reviews that makes the rest of the day brighter. I should have added that to my list of nostalgic memories :)


2012-02-09 15:19:59

Always nice to see you around !

DavidOrr responds:

Hey Deflektor, you too! Glad to see you're still around and submitting awesome tunes -- In fact I'm glad to see so many of the regulars I spent my days BBSing with are still around!


2012-02-09 19:06:50


DavidOrr responds:



2012-02-09 19:09:55

I'm loving the site! You are one of my favorite composers! I can't wait to hear your future work! :D

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks Ashley -- glad you enjoy my music! I'm uploading something right now as I type this :)


2012-02-10 04:17:41

Great Job. I love the website. My only concern is that I was told the Delete a submission feature didn't make it in time for the new site. There are a couple of songs I want deleted that I changed my mind about. By the way I really love your work. You are amazing. xo

DavidOrr responds:

Wait just a minute here -- I didn't redesign the audio portal! That's way beyond my programming knowledge :). The site I redesigned was my own (

Anyway, glad you enjoy my music!