Free music for your multimedia productions! [The Dev Center launched]

2010-02-14 11:10:29 by DavidOrr

Are you a developer of games, movies, or animations? Regardless of the platform you're working on, you're going to need the best quality audio you can find to make your projects shine.

The Dev Center on can provide you with the professional audio you need- FOR FREE. All developers have a budget, and unfortunately that budget can limit your potential. It shouldn't be that way - and the Dev Center is here to help.

Some of the features include:

* A full musical database with an easy to navigate organization system (I've maximized screen real-estate to minimize endless clicking through pages)
* New PhpBB forums to seek help, request features, or meet other developers.
* Expandable flash navigation logo so EVERY page of TDC has a standard navigation bar to give you access to all the main pages

Even if you're not a developer, there's plenty of never-before-heard music for you to listen to (enough for an entire album!). If you have suggestions or comments, I'd love to hear them!

Check it out!


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2010-02-16 19:20:36

your film music sounds very professional. I wonder what software you sue. Is it logic or something?

DavidOrr responds:

Cubase 4 is what I use to sequence it all - along with a bunch of VST plugins from soundsonline :)


2010-02-23 12:15:44

Can you submit Duty calls?
I like that song.


2010-02-23 22:23:01

While I was listening to your music, my dad came out and asked me what I was listening to. When I told him it was you, a NG artist, he was nearly speechless. Then he said, "Well, young people usually make stuff that is made to offend old people, but this is nice."

I lol'd.

DavidOrr responds:



2010-03-04 10:16:32

Absolutely AWESOME!
Defenetly going to use some of this stuff, maybe all of it.
Very proffesional.

I mith use a lot of stuff in a cod style game =P


2010-03-05 18:29:40

I think I just had an Orrgasm lololol.. no but seriously this is pretty badass.

DavidOrr responds:



2010-03-06 11:34:01

Cool stuff dude. Hope that someday i'll be as good as you. I'm workin my way up though, meeting people along the way to help push me to the top. Wait for me there man, at the top, cuz i'll be lookin for ya once i get there..


2010-04-02 06:21:44

4 brave champions is the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-04-07 21:56:18

There is an audio portal somewhere that provides free music...


2010-05-23 10:47:09

Im speechless, your work is just perfect, sir ...

Good luck on your next projects, stay motivated, always looking forward to your next songs...

DavidOrr responds:

Thank you! There will be a few projects I've composed for coming to Newgrounds shortly :)


2010-05-30 13:39:51

The only thing I CAN access on your site is the Dev Center.


2010-06-01 19:10:55

Definitely your music is outstanding, i really enjoy listening to all your music and how nice to provide this for free; on the other hand my boyfriend and another friend got some final projects to present for their school so they can graduate one as a Graphic Designer and animator and the other as a Programmer or developer in systems and games. And i told them about you and they are speechless with all your music. I hope you dont mind if they use some of them (with the right credits and copyrights) and perhaps I would love to contact you later for more information and see if you could make a piece for both :).

Thank you again for sharing your music and helping people who need it the most :D


2010-06-01 19:39:23

I loved the music you made for the Larry Game!

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks - there's a LOT more coming in the 2nd mini game and full release!


2010-06-02 20:02:04

I heard plenty of these tracks in the Dev Center first here, at Newgrounds, although several have been remastered. I'm impressed by the quality and, while listening, got me thinking about what game I can develop through using these tracks exclusively. I'm still in the Game Doc/Pre-Production phase of the project--figuring out what content I'd include, how to program it in AS2 (or 3) and how much art and sound is needed, etc.--but I'll let you know if I've decided upon your wares.

As explicitly stated, I will include the promotional piece in the beginning, but I have one question: can I include a catch-all button that lets you skip to the title screen? Citing all developers responsible at least once is okay, but I intend upon a game where people return to. The NG promo lasts several seconds; waiting through countless promos might annoy players. I recall FF7: Crisis Core got panned by X-Play due to, besides other reasons, the player's inability to skip the cinemas. The same effect can happen here; the Jazza Studios promo is also lengthy, perhaps a bit hokey even. One or two is okay, provided they're short.

Anyway, the catch-all button would let the player skip straight to the title screen. I would include a modified promotional graphic in the credits screen, just to be safe (and have arrows pointing to your URL as a compromise). I will still follow the basic regulation to the letter, but can players be allowed to skip the introductory promos if desired?

DavidOrr responds:

The skip button for the flash screen is fine (I'll probably add it to an updated version down the road). Glad you're enjoying the Dev Center, I've gotten a lot of great feedback on it!


2010-06-14 17:40:28

I like your idea of free music and they are completly outstanding, if you tried to make some music that lasted for... about 3 to 4 min, but still capable to repeat flawless, you might be able to make some small money and its meant in absolutely positive way.

DavidOrr responds:

Well the music I place on TDC is mainly old drafts from projects, or clips that don't get used in the final cut of a production. 3-4 minutes would be wonderful (and there are some longer clips on there), but typically I don't get that far into a piece and cut it. Thanks for your support!


2010-06-24 11:28:41

Your great work pleased my expections again, sir. The soundtrack for Larry is just perfect made, much better than many, many other professional sound studios. But it seems the dev center official forums havent too many users, hm?

DavidOrr responds:

I placed the forums on there to act as an interactive FAQ above all else - so people could post questions, I could answer them, and others could see them. Usually I get emails about questions, but I may try and encourage people to start posting inquiries there to build an active user group.


2010-06-24 11:29:46

The soundtrack for Larry is just perfect made*, much better than many, many other professional sound studios.

* i meant work . . .


2010-07-01 03:38:53

the picture look cool than everyone on oldgrounds.


2010-07-15 11:45:22

you kinda look like larry no offence


2010-07-22 12:13:49

Wow! Great Job! Just Hope 4 Brave Champions Is On There!


2010-09-13 17:21:39

Your my 2nd favorite newground user.

I study your BBS posts (not to sound weird)


2010-09-14 11:08:25

lol, you do look like larry


2010-10-01 15:44:18

Your music has now reached to Argentina

Excellent page!


2010-10-12 19:10:30

Larry music- fantastic


2010-10-14 22:13:08

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2010-10-22 09:07:43

Hello David. I listened to your music and i really really liked what i heard. But, i swear, i'm about to die in atrocious pain if the music for Alice is Dead 3 isn't released. You are warned.


2011-01-20 10:39:21



2011-01-20 11:30:47

Massive props to you, man - this is great. Why are you doing it, though? Is it to make a portfolio or something?


2011-01-24 09:13:56

brilliant music, dont stop pl0x


2011-01-26 11:31:01

I have to ask ... does your company (or group? Dunno what to call it) make any voices for hero characters or villains or anything alike?


2011-02-05 01:34:24

I just want to say your music help me so much when I was creating a movie, you are one of the greats in sound tracks/ dramatic music. Keep it up


2011-09-20 21:17:41

I was blown away by the very first song on there! This is very good work!