An Introduction To the Dev Center! [for multimedia developers]

2010-02-03 14:54:44 by DavidOrr

Hello friends! Today I want to tell you about something I've been working hard on for the past couple of weeks - The Dev Center.

What is it?
"The Dev Center on provides developers with the professional audio - FOR FREE. All developers have a budget, and unfortunately that budget can limit your potential. It shouldn't be that way - and the Dev Center is here to help."

While The Dev Center (TDC) is geared towards multimedia developers, it is not limited only to them. Anyone has access to it and the plethora of audio it possesses (at the time of this writing it will be launching with over 40 unique loops and pieces). I haven't done a total run-time tally, but we're looking at more than enough music for a full length album. Most of it is never-before-heard on or Newgrounds!

I'll make another update when TDC is officially launched. I'm going to be pushing a pretty aggressive advertisement campaign to get the word out, so don't hesistate to let your friends know!

--If you're interested in my logic, read on--

My reasoning behind it is two-fold. First and foremost, I think the indie dev groups out there are suffering because the standards of products are rising across the industry. Whether it be movies or flash animations or console games, technology is ever-evolving and enabling developers with big budgets to produce spectacular things. But most low-budget groups simply can't afford the increasing startup costs required to make a viable product.

So, I'm falling back to my start-up roots in a sense. Before I got a commissioned work, I used to provide music at free or a very low cost in exchange for a splash screen. While I didn't make much money doing this, I did increase my exposure, which is extremely important. It was a great mutual relationship- I provided free music, and developers provided me free exposure.

Now I do a lot of commissioned work, but I still want to expand my audience. I think this is a great way to do it, because I'm giving back to a community that has given so much to me.

As always I really appreciate any feedback - I'm making this for you!

An Introduction To the Dev Center! [for multimedia developers]


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2010-02-04 13:45:54

:O clever! So what kind of licensing are we dealing with here? CC?

DavidOrr responds:

In short - this music can be used in any multimedia production on any platform, without restrictions. That means whether you're working on a non-profit game or the next big blockbuster, you can use this music <strong>for free</strong>. No royalty fees or mandatory "donations". The only requirement is that you display a splash screen I've created at the start of your production to credit The Dev Center. It's similar to a Newgrounds or Armorgames splash screen.

I've updated the post with my logic :)


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