Offical Music Store Opening!

2010-01-11 23:34:59 by DavidOrr

I thought that with a site redesign, it'd be a great time to introduce a feature I've been wanting to implement for a long time: a store! The store is launching with 5 pieces, which include 2 brand-new tracks. I've also lengthened one of the popular pieces from the original Sonny, Heroic Confrontation. You can hear clips of each piece, and if you like it- purchase the track via Paypal (a PayPal account isn't necessary).

This is very much a test run, and I'll see what kind of response I get to decide where to go from here. I'd absolutely love to hear your thoughts- they provide me with a lot of insight!

To access the store, you can click "Official Music Store" at the top-right side of the site, or click here! In addition, you can check for the latest updates without browsing the store by clicking on the "Store Updates" blog category. You'll filter all the posts on the for the latest news from the shop!

PS- I've created a new newsletter (trying a different approach), so if you're interested you can sign up right on the home page of the site!


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2010-01-28 19:34:58

I'm liking what i hear with your newest track 4 brave champions


2010-02-03 01:15:08

Wow. Just wow. 4 Brave Heroes is just godly. I've always been a little interested in orchestral, intense music such as this, but after listening to it, I have been inspired! I want to make an orchestral masterpiece as well! I want it to be suuper epic!!!! Too bad that won't happen. I'll try, I know I will. But I don't have the knowledge, instruments, or skill to do so. Nevertheless, I am inspired to at least try! Thank you!

DavidOrr responds:

Great to hear that, good luck!